Seeking to Hire

Speakers of these Indigenous Languages



Seeking to Hire

Speakers of these languages

Cantonese and Mandarin


Haitian Creole



South Vietnamese

Any Other Language 

ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC will be publishing our already established children’s books, poetry, and inspirational books as trilingual books. 

We will be publishing our adult books as translations in French and Spanish individually. 

We are looking to hire freelance translators in specific indigenous and families of languages.

  • Native speaker of a target language:
    • See above
    • Any indigenous language as identified through UNESCO IDIL_2022-2032
    • Any Austronesian family of languages
    • Norwegian, Scandinavian, Icelandic families of languages
  • Excellent understanding of English.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Work from home or from anywhere in the world (remote position) via internet or snail mail.

·         Each translator will enter into a contract as a freelancer with the publishing house. 

·         Each translator will be paid EITHER

o   a per-English-word amount (standardized, payable at time of completion of the translation in full) OR

o   will receive 10% royalties on all paperbacks and e-books sold to which they contributed as long as the book is in print.

·      For those who choose to receive royalties, on first publication of the bi- or trilingual book which has his/her translation, the translator

o   will receive five (5) free copies of the paperback.

o   may purchase additional copies from ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC at a discount of fifty (50) percent from the retail list price, plus shipping/handling.  

For those who chose a flat fee

o   may purchase 10 or more copies from ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC at a discount of fifty (50) percent from the retail list price, plus shipping/handling. 

  The translator’s name shall appear

o   on the front of the book cover of all editions of the translation

o   on the title page of all editions of the translation

o   in all publicity and advertising wherever the author’s name appears

·         The translator will submit an approved biography and photo which will be featured

o   within the paperback and electronic editions

o   on our website.

·        I plan to hire one or two translators for each target language listed above. I will not accept AI translations. I want the name and face of a real human who loves his/her native language and is proud to share it with children and adults through books, so I will not be hiring or paying businesses. If you are interested in becoming one of our native-speaking translators, please click the contact us button at the top of this page.