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We are  traditional , not vanity. 

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We publish in trade paperback, hardcover, and Kindle. 

 We will consider any books that are positive, uplifting, supportive, or spiritual in nature.  


Our readers, once they finish one of our books, will be able to get up and face the world wiser, stronger, centered, and with the assurance that we are not alone: we are all a part of the Sheltering Tree on Earth.


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I am very pleased to announce 

Rita Langdale as the First Place Winner 

of the ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC 

2023 Women’s Ministry Handbook Contest

Her submission, From Shattered to Restored, 

was phenomenal, awe-inspiring, and fits perfectly into the role of 

Books that help you feed His sheep.

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August's Best Ranking Hardcover

Tif E. Boots's A Misfit's Masks 

August's Best-Selling Hardcover

Evelyn Rainey's   Caring for Children through Crochet 

Readers' Choice Award

Which one did you like the most? Email us by the 15th of each month and we will tally the votes by the first of the next month and list it here!

Rabbi Michael Gold's   The Rabbi's Sex Class 

"Rabbi Gold’s novel about a Torah based attitude toward homosexuality, pre-martial sex, abortion and other important issues surrounding human sexuality is a thoughtful and provoking work. Far too many Americans are totally ignorant of the Modern Jewish perspective of sex and assume that their interpretation of Biblical passages regarding these issues is universally accepted. Far from the truth. Rather, in a sympathetic, persuasive, sensitive and knowledgeable manner, Rabbi Gold presents a Jewish perspective that bridges the conflict between modernity and religion. One can, indeed, according to this work, live a modern life within the context of ancient Jewish texts." William Bogard

Author's Choice Award

August's winner: Tif E. Boot's A Misfit's Masks

See the Review by August Isley


August's Best Ranking Kindle

Evelyn Rainey's   Woven Prayers: A Prayer Shawl Ministry Handbook

August's Best-Selling Kindle

5-way Tie:

Jerry Francis's   For the Good of the Order

Evelyn Rainey's Woven Prayers: A Prayer Shawl Ministry Handbook

Mitchel Fidel's Mysterium 1 Rome, Mysterium 2 Greece, and Mysterium 3 Asia

August's Best Ranking Paperback

Tif E. Boots's Scrump and Friends Go for a Swim

August's Best-Selling Paperback

Tif E. Boots's Scrump and Friends Go for a Swim

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Learn more about this contest

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